“A winery restaurant with amazing views of the majestic Hawequa Mountains, situated off the beaten track along a gravel road – a truly rural and homely dining experience for the whole family.”

Our family bistro offers classic home-cooked dishes to enjoy with our selection of cellar wines. Dishes include; the Dunstone burger, homemade pies and quiches, aromatic curries, filled baguettes and vineyard platters. The Stone Kitchen is a child-friendly bistro, offering a great kids’ menu and a play areas.

During wine making season (February & March) watch us make wine whilst enjoying your meal. Learn about the wine making process and get involved. Come enjoy wine tasting with home-made country cuisine!


Breakfast & Lunch
Daily in Summer from 08:30 to 16:00 .
June & July, September – Wed – Sunday 08:30 – 16:00.

August 2017 – closed for refurbishment.

Contact us: +27 (0)21 873 6770 |

Our Menu

All items on our menu are freshly prepared in our kitchen using only local products and organic produce as often as possible.


  • Full English Breakfast 2 eggs, 3 rashers of bacon, pork or veggie sausage, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomato & toast R75.00
  • Country Omelette Three egg omelette with a choice of three fillings: Bacon | Cheese | Tomato | Mushroom | Onion | Herbs R70.00
  • French Toast Served with cooked Wellington dried fruit, topped with crispy bacon & drizzled with honey R65.00
  • Scrambled Egg Croissant Topped with crispy bacon R65.00
  • Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon Served on homemade seeded brown toast R75.00
  • Breakfast Quiche Full English breakfast style R65.00
  • Fruit Granola Breakfast Trifle Served with vanilla infused yogurt & topped with berry coulis R45.00
  • Freshly Baked French Croissant Plain | Chocolate & Hazelnut | Pain au Chocolate R20.00
  • Above Croissant with Cheese R35.00


  • The Dunstone Burger A succulent 200g lamb patty served with red onion marmalade topped with goats cheese & rocket, accompanied by potato wedges R95.00
  • The Boar Burger A free range 200g wild boar patty served with apple & onion chutney, topped with blue cheese & baby leaves, accompanied by potato wedges R125.00
  • The Dunstone Veggie Burger A 200g vegetarian bean patty served with onion marmalade, topped with goats cheese & rocket, accompanied by potato wedges R85.00
  • ADD Side Salad +R5.00
  • Ciabatta Steak Roll With homemade relish & mustard mayonnaise served with skinny fries R85.00
  • ADD Fried Eggs +R10.00
  • Sticky Pork Belly Ribs Served with onion rings & skinny fries R135.00
  • Roasted Beetroot & Goat’s Cheese Salad Topped with honeyed pecan nuts , dressed in a berry vinaigrette R65.00
  • ADD Parma Ham +R40.00
  • Chicken & Coriander Salad Topped with cherry tomatoes, cucumber ribbons, sunflower seeds &zesty orange R90.00
  • Bacon, Mushroom & Spring Onion Quiche With a side salad and skinny fries R85.00
  • Cherry Tomato, Olive, Roasted Zucchini & Brie Quiche Served with a side salad and skinny fries R85.00
  • Vineyard Platter Local cheese, meats, olives, pickles & homemade bread R115.00


  • Marinated Olives R20.00
  • Herbed Fries or Wedges R20.00
  • Homemade Bread Basket R20.00
  • Dressed Nachos R35.00


  • Cake of the Day SQ

Kiddies Menu

  • Kiddie Breakfast Scrambled egg, sausage & bacon R35.00
  • Kiddies Beef Burger Topped with a cheese slice, served in a soft bun with fries R40.00
  • Grilled Sausage Topped with a cheese slice, served in a soft bun with fries R40.00
  • Kiddies Pizza Margarita with ham, pineapple and mushrooms R35.00
  • Toasted Cheese Sandwich Served with fries (+ R4 to add ham) R28.00

Kiddie Desserts

  • Pancakes 2 Pancakes served with chocolate sauce or Syrup R20.00
  • Vanilla Ice-cream and Chocolate Sauce R25.00
  • Kiddies Milkshakes R15.00
  • Ola Ice-cream Please see our freezer selection inside SQ